Apex Legends Finally Gets Team Deathmatch Mode

  • Gretta Daunt
  • Feb 15, 2023
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Apex Legends Finally Gets Team Deathmatch Mode

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games out there, and it's finally getting a much-anticipated addition - team deathmatch mode. It will launch as a limited-time game mode, but players will be able to access it after that through the new "permanent modes playlist" called Mixtape. This season also brings some major changes in terms of character classes and abilities.

Team Deathmatch in Apex is fairly straightforward - two teams of 6 battle it out for 30 kills each round, with fast respawns keeping things intense. It'll be available as a limited-time mode for three weeks during Revelry before transitioning into a permanent playlist called Mixtape that will continuously rotate between TDM, Gun Run, and Control modes. This replaces 3v3 Arenas, which didn't quite meet Respawn’s goals in terms of helping players get better at playing Apex Legends - though it was still fun while it lasted!

The addition of TDM means more ways for players to compete against one another on an even playing field; no longer do you need to worry about being outmatched by an experienced squad or completely obliterated by enemies carrying high-level weapons from previous rounds. This also gives casual gamers a chance to practice their skills without fear of getting steamrolled by veterans every time they load up the game. With this new game mode comes plenty of opportunities for creative strategy and team play - expect some truly epic battles ahead!

Another big change coming with this season is related to characters and their class system. There are five classes under the reworked system - Assault, Recon, Skirmisher, Controller, and Support - each with a unique perk that gives them an edge over other players in certain areas like defense or offense strategies. Some characters will be buffed while others nerfed; Respawn has already revealed that Lifeline, Seer, and Wraith are among those being tweaked for better balance across all classes.

In addition to these major changes coming with Season 8, developers have also promised more content, such as skins packs and weapon balances throughout this period so players can stay engaged even after they finish their matches faster than usual due to fast respawning mechanics enabled by Team Deathmatch mode.

All in all, Season 8 looks quite exciting for Apex Legends fans who have been waiting for something fresh from one of their favorite battle royale games – especially considering there won't be any new character added this time around! With Team Deathmatch mode bringing faster gameplay alongside remastered classes, which should make battles more dynamic thanks to the different perks available per class, we're sure that many people will find something they like here!

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