Here’s What We Know About the New Strand Subclass in Destiny 2

  • Sasha Bloomberg
  • Feb 16, 2023
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Here’s What We Know About the New Strand Subclass in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will feature a new subclass called Strand, which will have an ability similar to a grappling hook for all classes. With this powerful tool, players will be able to explore the world of Destiny 2 and unlock its secrets faster than ever before. Here's everything we know about the new subclass so far.

Strand is a new Darkness-based subclass for Destiny 2 that has a unique hook-like ability for all classes. This skill will allow Guardians to move quickly and easily through the world, making it easier to discover hidden areas and unlock exotic rewards. The class also gets three new grenades, including Shackle Grenades (similar to bola grenades), Threading Grenades (capable of summoning minions), and another type of grenade that works like a weighted bomb when used in conjunction with the grappling hook ability. In addition, Guardians using this subclass get a "Woven Mail" buff that can significantly reduce the damage they take.

The main focus in Strand is the grappling shot ability, a versatile tool that allows Guardians to penetrate inaccessible places or destroy enemies from afar without attracting the attention of others. Early in the game, players will be able to customize their grapple shots with a variety of mods, including one that increases range or decreases the cooldown time between successive shots. Another mod slows down enemies in midair while you shoot them. Another one turns your grappling shot into an explosive bomb if you throw it at enemies below you. Finally, there's another one that teleports you short distances after firing your grapplers to any surface within reach. In addition to these mods, there are three additional debuffs available only through Strand: Suspend temporarily lifts enemies into the air; Unravel makes them explode upon contact with other objects/enemies, and Sever reduces their damage if they withstand the effects of Suspend or Unravel long enough until they are eventually destroyed by players.

In addition to these combat bonuses provided by the recently added Strands items, such as debuffs and grenade types, Bungie has promised even more quality-of-life improvements coming soon to the game, such as stability changes in Lightfall. These changes should ensure smooth gameplay during intense battles with enemy forces or bosses, regardless of what equipment the player chooses before entering combat. This way, keepers won't have to worry about being wiped out by too much incoming damage from enemies.

That being said, Strand seems like an incredibly useful subclass, designed specifically for PvE missions, but with potential versatility when used correctly during PVP matches. With its combination of Grapple Shot abilities along with debuffs and grenades, it could be one hell of a powerful weapon against enemy forces once it's officially released later this year when the update hits live servers around the world, thus forever changing the way we play Destiny 2!

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