"Doom Eternal" - A Guide to Demonic Enemies and How to Defeat Them

  • Sasha Bloomberg
  • May 22, 2024
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"Doom Eternal" - A Guide to Demonic Enemies and How to Defeat Them

"Doom Eternal," developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, offers a thrilling experience for gamers, combining intense action with strategic combat scenarios. Players face off against various demonic entities throughout Doom Eternal, each with unique abilities and weaknesses. Understanding these enemies and mastering their strategies is crucial for survival. In this article, we delve into the different demonic enemies encountered in "Doom Eternal" and provide detailed strategies for overcoming them.

1. Imps

Description: Imps are common fodder in "Doom Eternal" but can be surprisingly dangerous in groups. They are agile and attack with fireballs or sharp claws at close range.

Strategies: The best approach to handle Imps is with quick, precise shots using the Shotgun or Heavy Cannon. Aiming for their torsos generally yields swift results. When Imps are together, explosives or the Flamethrower can effectively deal with them, as the splash damage or continual burn reduces their threat greatly.

2. Cacodemons

Doom Eternal

Description: Cacodemons are flying monstrous spheres with large mouths, known for their projectile attacks and considerable health pool.

Strategies: To combat Cacodemons efficiently, an aimed grenade or sticky bomb from the Shotgun into their mouths will hinder them, allowing for a Glory Attack that finishes them instantly. Alternatively, sustained firepower from the Plasma Rifle can bring them down if they're at a distance.

3. Revenant

Description: The Revenant is recognizable by its skeletal appearance and shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. Known for its mobility, it can quickly become a troublesome adversary.

Strategies: Focus on turning off its weapons; precise shots using the Sniper Mod of the Heavy Cannon can destroy its launchers, significantly reducing its offensive capabilities. Once its weapons are disabled, close the distance and use a Super Shotgun to finalize the encounter.

4. Mancubus

Doom Eternal

Description: A hefty, formidable foe equipped with arm-mounted flame throwers and long-range cannons, the Mancubus demands a considered strategy.

< robust>Strategies: Precision is critical—target its arm cannons with the Precision Bolt Mod or use the Rocket Launcher to dismantle its heavy weaponry. After its cannons are disabled, increase agility to dodge its flame attack and close in with powerful weaponry such as the Super Shotgun or Chainsaw for the final takedown.

5. Arachnotron

Description: A brain-like demon on mechanical legs, armed with a turret that launches explosive projectiles and a plasma stream.

< robust>Strategies: Targeting the turret with a Precision Bolt Mod or a couple of sticky bombs can rapidly neutralize its primary threat. Mobility is essential when dealing with Arachnotrons; constant movement and use of obstacles for cover can limit the damage from its attacks. Once the turret is out, use powerful close-range weaponry to dispatch it quickly.

6. Doom Hunter

Doom Eternal

Description: Among the latest arrivals to the roster, the Doom Hunter stands out as a particularly intimidating adversary, securely perched upon a sled and armed with a diverse assortment of lethal weaponry.

Strategies: The Doom Hunter requires a two-stage strategy. Initially, focus on his sled, which can be damaged significantly using the Plasma Rifle to overload its shield, followed by Heavy Cannon rounds to the sled itself. Once the sled is destroyed, the foe becomes more aggressive but less mobile. Utilize mobility, dodging its attacks and closing in with the Super Shotgun when feasible.

7. Marauder

Description: This creature resembles a brain-like demon equipped with mechanical legs for mobility, further armed with a turret capable of launching explosive projectiles and also featuring a mechanism that emits a continuous stream of plasma.

Doom Eternal

Strategies: Timing is crucial when facing a Marauder. Wait for its eyes to glow green, indicating a vulnerability window, then attack. Use the Super Shotgun for maximum damage during these brief moments. Avoid spamming shots, as this will only cause it to defend more staunchly. Between attacks, maintain a mid-range distance to prompt its axe throw, setting up your next shot.


Defeating the demonic enemies in "Doom Eternal" involves understanding their attack patterns and weaknesses. By employing the correct strategies and maintaining adequate weapon readiness, you can ensure success against these hellish adversaries. Whether facing a horde of Imps or a singular powerful Doom Hunter, the key to survival in Doom Eternal lies in agility, precision, and tactical use of your arsenal. With this guide, you're well-equipped to face the armies of Hell.

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