How to Utilize Gadgets in "Watch Dogs: Legion"

  • Gretta Daunt
  • May 25, 2024
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How to Utilize Gadgets in "Watch Dogs: Legion"

In "Watch Dogs: Legion," a futuristic, open-world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft, players navigate a dystopian London, employing an array of gadgets to execute missions and overcome adversaries. The creative use of these gadgets is fundamental to mastering game dynamics and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. This guide delves into various gadgets available in the game, providing strategies and tips to optimize their usage in different scenarios, elevating your tactical approach and helping you manage London's hostile environment more effectively.

Understanding the Arsenal of Gadgets

"Watch Dogs: Legion" offers an extensive selection of gadgets, each with unique capabilities suited for particular situations. Before delving into strategies, it's important to know what gadgets are at your disposal:

  • Spiderbot: A small, controllable robot capable of infiltrating tight spaces.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Temporarily renders your character invisible to bypass security systems and avoid detection.
  • Electro-Shock Trap: A deployable device that stuns and incapacitates enemies when triggered.
  • Combat Drone: A flying drone equipped with offensive capabilities.
  • Hack Jammer: A device to disrupt enemy communications and hacking attempts.

Strategic Employment of Each Gadget

1. Mastering the Spiderbot

Watch Dogs: Legion

The Spiderbot is a versatile tool in "Watch Dogs: Legion" that can be used for various tasks, including scouting and engaging in combat in otherwise inaccessible areas. To maximize the Spiderbot's effectiveness:

  • Scouting: Before launching an assault on high-security areas, deploy the Spiderbait to scout out the territory. This will allow you to identify key systems to hack, locate adversaries, and plan your move without attracting attention.
  • Puzzle Solving: Use the Spiderbot for solving puzzles that unlock doors or turn off security systems. These are often tucked away in locations only the Spiderbot can reach.
  • Combat: In tight spaces or during stealth missions, use the Spiderbait to eliminate threats discreetly. Since it's small and mostly off-the-ground, it's harder for enemies to spot.

2. Invisibility Cloak Tactics

Essential for stealth operations, the Invisibility Cloak helps you slip by unnoticed. Its effective use includes:

  • Avoiding Conflict: Activate the cloak to move past guards or through surveillance-heavy areas with minimal conflict. It's perfect for missions requiring you not to raise an alarm.
  • Safeguard Escape Routes: If you're cornered or need a secure escape route, the cloak provides a brief window to evacuate the premises or find a hiding spot.
  • Access Restricted Areas: Some zones are only approachable under the cloak to prevent triggering automatic security alarms that could lock down the area.

3. Using Electro-Shock Traps Effectively

Watch Dogs: Legion

The Electro-Shock Trap in "Watch Dogs: Legion" provides non-lethal means to deal with threats. Strategic placement and timing are key to using this gadget effectively:

  • Controlled Ambushes: Set traps at strategic points where enemies are likely to pass, especially near doorways or narrow passages, to ensure they can't avoid them.
  • Protecting Objectives: When tasked with defending a location or object, use traps to create a perimeter that incapacitates anyone who attempts to breach it.
  • Crowd Control: During missions where multiple adversaries are present, strategically place traps to manage the crowd by temporarily incapacitating a group, giving you time to regroup or proceed with primary objectives.

4. Combat Drone Deployment

The Combat Drone offers a direct approach to handling hostile encounters, allowing for a balance between offensive capabilities and surveillance. Here's how to best use it:

  • Initial Assault: Use the drone to initiate an assault on enemy encampments, disrupting their ranks and drawing their attention skyward, making it easier for direct infiltration.
  • High-Value Targets: Employ the drone to focus on eliminating high-value targets from a distance, thereby reducing the risks to your character.
  • Personal Defense: In situations where you are outnumbered, deploy the drone for added firepower and distraction.

Watch Dogs: Legion

5. Countering Threats with the Hack Jammer

The Hack Jammer is crucial for missions involving heavy reliance on communication and coordination among enemy forces. Key strategies include:

  • Disrupting Reinforcements: Activating the Jammer during encounters to prevent enemies from calling reinforcements can be a game-changer, allowing for easier handling of existing threats.
  • Neutralizing Enemy Drones: Use the Jammer to disable enemy drones, effectively turning off their surveillance and attack capabilities momentarily.
  • Securing Hacking Activities: In missions requiring hacking, deploy the Jammer to block counter-hacks, ensuring the smooth completion of hacking activities.


Effectively utilizing gadgets in "Watch Dogs: Legion" enriches gameplay and opens up many creative methodologies to approach missions. Each gadget serves a distinct purpose and can dramatically alter the dynamics of any engagement. By mastering their use, you effortlessly transition from a passive observer to a dominant force in dystopian London, paving your way toward success in this thrilling cybernetic world.

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